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Grease, 1978

Grease, 1978

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your beauty does not depend on others’ approval

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I just want to fall asleep with my arms wrapped around you, feeling you slowly breathe against my chest. And then at 4 in the morning when I wake up suddenly I find my way back to holding you and then when I wake up again I get to look at you and see that beautiful smile of yours and all is perfect because I’m with you.

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Nirvana, 1991.


Nirvana, 1991.

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"this is the internet, i can say whatever i want" is a super creepy and obvious way to say "when there are no obvious consequences for my actions i lack all empathy"

crystalmccal said: I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH


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Anonymous said: Hello sunshine! I just wanted to say I love you and you're blog very much :3 Have a nice day!

that made me smile a lot friend, thank you i appreciate it!! have a nice day yourself!

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*popular blog follows me* oh shit i better not fCUk *spaghetti spills out of my pockets* Shit shit what *throws computer after slipping in spaghetti* fUCK